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Staying Healthy All Year Around

Everyone wants to be healthy. Unfortunately, unless you take active steps to maintain your health, as you get older, it is likely to deteriorate. I discovered this the hard way. For many years, I avoided visiting the doctor and I didn't really pay attention to my diet. As a result, I developed a number of medical conditions. Thankfully, the staff at my local healthcare clinic were able to help me to recover. From the moment I called and booked my first appointment, to the day of my surgery, the doctors and nurses supported me and explained every step of the treatment plan. I hope you like my blog.




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Staying Healthy All Year Around

    Should You Go for Genetic Screening?

    When a person says that he or she is going to the clinic for genetic screening, it simply means he or she will have tests done to check for the presence or absence of genes that cause hereditary diseases. If the gene is present, you can undergo further testing to confirm whether you already have the disease. Genetic screening can also be done to check whether you carry a predisposition that can cause a particular disease in your child.

    Your Heartburn May Not Be a Trivial Issue

    Do you seem to suffer with heartburn more often than usual? It's a familiar experience for healthy people to undergo the uncomfortable symptoms after a eating a large meal, or consuming too much spicy food, alcohol or coffee. Occasional heartburn can be treated quite satisfactorily with antacids to gain relief. However, if your heartburn is more constant and occurs more than twice a week, it is certainly not trivial and needs investigation.

    The 3 Key Ways You Can Reduce Your Chances Of Developing Cervical Cancer

    Cancer is a horrific disease that has or will impact the lives of almost all Australians either directly or indirectly. Cervical cancer is a common form of cancer that affects women of all ages around the country. It's a devastating form of cancer, yet it's also one of the most preventable forms of women's cancer due to a number of factors. Here are the three key ways to can significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting cervical cancer in the future.

    Bulk Billing Doctors: Answers to your Bulk Billing Questions

    Bulk billing refers to a health services payment option under the Australia's universal health insurance scheme known as Medicare. Since 1984, Medicare has been providing universal health cover to Australians and even some visitors, whereby public patients seeking treatment in public hospitals are usually treated free of charge. Who are bulk billing doctors? Bulk billing doctors are basically medical practitioners who have entered into an agreement with Medicare to offer patients services free of charge or at a subsidised rate.

    Audiology Clinics

    The loss of any sense of perception can significantly affect one's life. When the sense of hearing is lost, life can change in many ways because the individual will be unable to converse effectively with other people. Audiology or hearing clinics provide services to individuals with hearing loss. They provide hearing assessments, dispense instruments that assist in hearing, and provide support for patients to cope with declining sense of hearing.

    A Brief Guide to Hyperparathyroidism

    The thyroid gland is reasonably well-known, but the parathyroid glands are often something that people are unaware of. There are four parathyroid glands in the neck, two on each side of the thyroid, and their purpose is to regulate the amount of calcium in the blood. Hyperparathyroidism is a condition which occurs when these glands are oversized and overactive, and it leads to too much calcium and too little phosphorus in the blood.  Causes of Hyperparathyroidism

    Can Spinal Pain Be Caused by a Tumor?

    Spinal pain is a common condition that usually goes after some time. However, some back pains last for long and can cause severe discomfort. Spinal pains don't always warrant a visit to a health care clinic, but if you are in distress, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Apparently, the pain could be a symptom of a serious medical condition like spinal tumors. Spinal tumors expand or widen the spinal column bone, hence, causing instability in the spine and compression of nerves.

    4 Things to Think About Before Visiting a Skin Cancer Clinic

    If you are concerned or worried that you may have skin cancer, the first thing you should do is visit a professional skin cancer clinic or your GP. This is a big step that many people find intimidating,so they let it play on their mind before finally making the appointment. Picking the right clinic is a vital first step in getting the treatment you may need and putting your mind at ease.